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November 24, 2006


Deirdre Moynihan

The THF motto "believe" refers to believing in the power of the bike - the mission of THF. However, anyone involved in THF does believe Tyler, continues to believe Tyler and there has been no wrongdoing nor any admission.

Johnny Molyneux

I saw Tyler race at Mt. Washington this year. I thought it was fine that his friends and family showed up in THF kit, but like Ted I was stunned and offended by the Puck Found shirts. Unlike Lance, who never failed a test, and unlike Floyd, who failed a test but still has his appeals pending, Tyler was found "guilty" after pursuing all his due process rights. As a former big fan of his, I'm pissed off because I just can't escape the fact that he lied to us. That detracts from his honor, in my opinion. Having his supporters wearing shirts that blame Dick Pound for his problems was about the silliest things I've ever seen, and was a very bad PR idea.

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