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January 31, 2011



Well written articles on the importance of diet and nutrition in getting lean and improving cycling performance.

Jon Ayers

These are excellent tips. If you measure it, you will manage it. Recording calories in and calories out has been proven clinically as an effective way to lose weight. I haven't yet used Training Peaks for this purpose, but have used CalorieCount, and lost a bunch of weight in the process. This allowed me to become a competitive cyclist.
However, one small point: While many have written about high glycemic foods as a cause of weight gain, there is no clinical support for glycemic index alone (even though I believed the GI myth for years). See "Race Weight" by Matt Fitzgerald,, pages 93 - 95.
It is a bit of an academic point. Most processed or sugary foods are poor diet quality due to their high carbohydrate and low other nutrient composition.

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