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April 03, 2011


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Trackback was created to this entry: [...]To improve cycling performance, the training objective is to increase CTL gradually over a period of time (the build period) to achieve a high level of fitness prior to the athlete’s priority races. WKO+’s Performance Manager too provides a vivid demonstration of an athlete’s improvement in fitness through applied training. [...]

Jon Ayers

Great article - exactly how I have been using these tools. Over the last year and since I have had a power meter, I have raised my FTP from about 271 to about 296 (using Normalized Power-NP- for a 60 minutes during a fast group ride). During these very nice spring and summer months, I would rather be riding outside than on a trainer measuring FTP, so I have to approximate using NP on actual fast rides.

Ted Darling

NP is a good indicator of functional threshold power, but the high level of variability in a fast paced group ride such as the PVC SMR tends to have a lot of sharp spikes into the aenerobic zone followed by periods of recovery. There is no substitute for a long time trial - with a consistent pedaling effort - or a long hill climb where you go as hard as you can for 1 hour to really dial in your FTP. Alternatively, you can take 95% of average watts for a 20-minute effort.

Thanks for posting Jon and happy riding.

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